Pricing for the size of your Club

Only pay for when people pay you, with low transaction fees and no monthly costs.

Completely transparent – what you see is what you Get.

Free items are always free.

We will never charge a transaction fee for $0 transactions. You can set up these items with confidence!

No hidden fees or charges.

What you see is what you get. No monthly account fees or usage charges - just a small fee for every transaction.

Complete ease and transparency.

Easily see which proportion of each transaction was fees to easily track your budget in the Virtual Treasury.

Pass on or absorb transaction fees.

Never see the fees touch your balance by passing to the buyer, or choose to absorb so your buyers see no fees.

No exploitative fee rates.

We don’t overcharge the transaction fee - just enough to cover ourselves. You can be assured you won’t find a cheaper fee anywhere else.

All features included.

No paywalls for any features - everything is automatically included in your free account, such as unlimited events and messaging.

Per paid transaction

All inclusive Processing Fee

& if the ticket is free - it's completly free.

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