Engage with Club Messenger

View all your contacts you've accumulated from your events or memberships. Easily group and re-engage with e-mail or push notifications, directly or at mass. Works like magic.

Never lose another opportunity.

Easily group and re-engage with members and past event attendees, called Contacts, so you can be assured that all interested people are hearing about your new event, merch item or membership launch.

Collect money for tickets

At the click of a button.

Message your audience through customised emails and effective push notifications. You can choose to message individuals, a segmented group, or your entire membership, depending on what you need.

All with no technical ability required!

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Build a two-way relationship.

Messaging doesn’t only include those that come from you.

Get messages from your members directly into your Get team inbox. Answer queries about payment issues, event clarifications, merch sizing or anything else. Allow all team members with permissions to access and reply instantly.

Build a community.

Engage groups of members and contacts into group chats, called Channels.

ou and your members can use Channels to communicate about relevant topics - for example, all your First Year Camp attendees can be in the same Channel, see the answers to others’ questions, and get to know the other attendees before and after the event.

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