Going it alone? It's better with a team.

Get allows you to seamlessly work with your team with live sharing of information, and permission settings to delegate work easily.
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Invite new team members quickly and easily.

When building your organisation, all you have to do is enter a name and an email to invite people to join the team. Once they accept, they’ll appear instantly on the list of team members!

Collect money for tickets

Spread the workload.

Need to make an urgent ticketing change, but your events manager is busy?

Save time on communication and organising by allowing all team members with the right permissions to access event pages, merchandise, memberships, finance and more.

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Control who can do what.

Organisation Owners can set individual permissions for other team members, everything from an Admin to a Ticket Scanner.

Prevent ticket-scanning helpers from accessing your organisation’s financial record, or your members’ sensitive personal information, by only giving team members access to what they need.

Automatic team member cycles.

Many small organisations have a rotation of team members, usually on a yearly basis.

Organisation Owners can set team members to expire on a certain date, so they no longer are able to access the organisation’s information or make unauthorised changes.

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