Beautiful digital Memberships.

That’s where we come in to help you. Get provides you with a custom-tailored solution for your every need to run your next event perfectly.
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Sign up new members. Anytime, anywhere.

Whether the member is standing in front of you or halfway around the world, they can sign up to your organisation using Get’s online portal, and enter your digital membership list instantly.

You can set up different membership categories for different people, too!

Collect money for tickets

Say goodbye to spreadsheets.

View, sort, group and count your members in the dedicated Members panel.

These lists automatically update based on membership cycles, event attendance, and more, so you never have to worry about keeping track of your members again.

Learn about treasury
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Collect all the information you need.

Customise your membership forms easily. Includes short/long answer questions, multiple choice, checkboxes, attachments and more.

See your members’ responses easily in their membership record.

Issue beautiful digital membership cards.

When someone signs up to be a member of your organisation, they’ll instantly receive a digital membership card completely customisable by you.

No need for physical membership cards, stickers, or keeping track of membership numbers. The eco-friendly way to do memberships!

The Get App
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Instant access to your exclusive deals.

Got sponsorship deals, like 10% off at your local coffee shop for your members?

Easily add these to your digital membership cards, issued automatically upon signup, and allow members to easily verify their membership to redeem deals.

The Get App

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