Creating Ticket Types

You are able to create different categories of tickets called 'ticket types'. This allows you to charge several different prices depending on the type of ticket purchased – for example, Early Bird and General Release, or Member and Non-Member. Each ticket type is able to be fully customised with limits, steps, descriptions, start and end sales dates, member exclusivity, passwords and pricing.

How to Create and Customise a Ticket Type

  1. Input a Name for your first ticket tier and click "Create Ticket Type"
  2. Input a the total number of tickets that can be sold for this category under "Qty Limit"
  3. Input the Ticket Price ($)
  4. Include a short description for this ticket type so that guests know what they are purchasing
  5. If you have a limited sales period, make sure to input the Start and End date. After the end date and time, sales for this ticket tier will close.
  6. Optional Features:
  • *Steps* (optional) - this allows you to control the quantities that tickets can be bought in within a single order. For example, if you want to only allow 1 ticket per transaction, deselect all options but 1. If you want to allow tickets to be bought in groups of 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10, select those numbers and deselect all others.
  • *Members Only* (optional) - this feature was created for Member-Exclusive ticket sales. You must have a membership card on Get to enable this feature.
  • *Purchase Password* (optional) - enable this feature to create an exclusive ticket type. Only guests who input the special password stated here will be able to purchase this ticket type.