Adding Promo Codes

  1. Click "Add/Edit" Promo Codes
  2. Add in a unique Coupon Code (no spaces or symbols)
  3. Choose to apply this Promo Code to All Tickets, or specific Ticket Tiers by selecting the options in the "Applies To" dropdown menu (you must have your ticket tiers created first)
  4. Indicate Total Number of Promo Codes available under "Quantity" (once all promo codes have been used up, new guests will no longer be able to enjoy these promo codes during checkout)
  5. Finally, input the Discount Amount and choose between "Percentage Off" or "Dollar Amount"
  6. Add multiple Promo Codes by clicking the "Add a promo" button located at the bottom
  7. Once you've input all promo codes, click "Save" to be re-directed back to the ticket tiers

NOTE: We do not track how many promo codes have been used, nor how many are remaining.