The money app for families.

Raise financially-smart kids.

Core tools for kids to earn, save, spend and give — with their own app interface for them to learn money management habits. Sign up in 60s and get a 30-day free trial now

Automatic recurring allowance

Set recurring allowances to kids’ accounts and help them divide up their money between their Spend and Save accounts.

Send money instantly to your kids' accounts anytime, anywhere. No more “no money” emergencies.

Understand your kids' spending habit and guide them on the right path

96% of parents give cash allowance and most do not know what kids are purchasing. GET gives you total oversight and control so you can encourage good spending habits and stop bad ones early on.

Flexible spend controls

Get is the only account that lets you select each store where kids are allowed to spend. If they try to spend where they shouldn’t, we’ll alert you immediately.

Set daily or weekly spend limits and ensure your kids won’t spend too fast

Real-time notification and spend tracking

Get an alert any time the account is used, including when it’s declined for any reason. You always know when, where and how much money they’re spending.

See all historic activities in your kids’ Spend, Save and Give accounts

View analytics on weekly & monthly summaries

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"I love how I get to know when and where my son is spending. I want to ensure he has enough money to eat well."

Jenny, mom


Create in-app tasks and reward your kids for completing them

Teach the value of money by letting kids have their own "hard-earned money"

Turn your kids into super savers

From pencil case and dolls now to wedding and house in the future. Help them develop good savings habits for those special moments in life.

Multiple savings folder

Set up to 20 real savings folders in the app and track your kids’ progress towards reaching their goals

Save for books, school bag, birthday cake at the same time and let the app do the accounting

"The app overall is good! Loved that I could easily save my money with this app and reaching my savings goal!"

Hacckyy, teen

Get Parent & Child account

For all parents, and kids below 18yo
A Get Parent Account
With parental controls to guide your children's money habits
A Get Child Account
The most user-friendly e-$ app for your children accessible from their own phone
A contactless Get prepaid Visa prepaid card for your child
Online, in-store, transport, and more
Multiple birds-eye view from Parent Account
Keep track of what your children are spending in real-time
Automated allowance transfer
Weekly allowance on auto-pilot
Set chore and attach reward
Teach the value of money by rewarding tasks completed
Spending control
Set amount limits per transaction or weekly
In-app Human Support
Humans within the app to support you and your child.
14-day free trial, cancel anytime.
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Start in 3 steps

Step 1

Download the Get app and complete parent verification.

Step 2

Invite your kids and get them to complete their verification.

Step 3

Start sending money to your kids digitally with ease.

Family account

We're making money work for everyone, so we have different accounts for different needs.

Family Account

Kid Account
Allow kids to independently view and manage their account
under parental guidance
Parent Account
Have oversight of and can help manage Kid Account when needed
Free physical Get prepaid Visa card for kids
Kids have their own card to Visa paywave in-store. Delivered FOC
Multiple birds-eye view
Keep track of what your kids are spending real-time
Automated allowance management
Weekly allowance on auto-pilot
Set tasks along with allowance
Teach the value of money by rewarding chores
Parent-paid interest
Teach savings by adding interest to Savings Folders
Spending control - Amounts
Keep them safe with daily, weekly, online, offline spending limits
Free 14-day trial.
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FAQ for Parents

What is Get?
With the Get prepaid card and app, kids & teens earn money through chores, set savings goals, spend wisely and invest. Parents set flexible controls and get real-time notifications when their kids spend money.
Why is financial literacy important?
It isn’t easy learning how to be good at money. Schools don’t teach you and families don’t always talk about finances.

Consumers lacking financial literacy spend more on transaction fees, run up bigger debts, save less money and incur higher interest rates on loans (Lusardi and Tufano, 2015; Lusardi and de Bassa Scheresberg, 2013).

Meanwhile, benefits of financial literacy are manifold. People with strong financial skills do a better job planning and saving for retirement.
What gets us out of bed every morning
Get's mission is to teach young people financial literacy & responsibility from an earlier age by helping them practice money tools & learn about concepts under a safe & convenient environment.

We’re also firm believers that doing is the best way of learning. The upshot is that our product gives them a safe space to learn and occasionally, make mistakes: no debt, no overdrawn accounts, and with the option for parents to jump in and help out if needed.

Once they on their own, they'll be much better off & educated with their money.

Ultimately, we want every person to graduate from Get with confidence, independence and money sense. We want them to be fully prepared for the digital economy and the rise of a cashless society. And we want them to boldly face adulthood’s later financial pressures, fearlessly navigating some of life’s trickiest waters: their money.
The Get app & card were purpose-built. Teens & students get real-life lessons in earning, spending, saving, giving. Parents (if they want to) get the tools they need to manage their child's’ money.
How much does it cost?
A Get Family membership only costs $35 per child, per year with a 14-day free trial.

The only other fees are:
→ $3.60 Replacement Card fee for lost or stolen Get Cards.

That’s it. If you’d like to continue to use Get Pocket Money after your 14-day free trial, that’s all you’ll pay.
Want to speak to a human?
You can contact us anytime for help or queries.

For Help: Existing customers can get help via the app. To contact the company, you may e-mail us at [email protected], or call us at +65 3105 1380 during business hours, 7 days a week.
What's the maximum I can hold in the account?
S$1,000 at any point in time.
How safe it it?
Get blocks ‘unsafe’ '18+' spending categories, sends real-time transaction notifications and provides unique spending controls - such as budgets & summaries.

We also provide additional layers of protection in the form of face or fingerprint recognition and the ability to freeze & unfreeze your card directly in the app instantly.

Since it's a prepaid card, not a credit card you'll never be able to spend what you don't have.
Is this a prepaid or credit card?
Get is a prepaid debit card, not a credit card. Parents or students load money onto the card from their own Get app. And because it’s a prepaid debit card, customers can never spend what isn’t there. That’s a pretty valuable life lesson.
What do I need to sign up?
• Your contact details
• Your verified MyInfo account for KYC
• A valid card or bank account in Singapore
How long will it take for my card to arrive?
You should receive your Get card 3-10 business days after ordering it. While your card is on its way, your kids can access their card details in the Get app — so they can start spending before their card arrives in the mail.


What gets us out of bed every morning?
How can you spend money via Get?
How can you send money via Get?
Can customers refund their money?
How safe is it?
What's the maximum amount I can hold in my account?
Want to speak to a human?