SG's #1 Debit Card & App made for kids aged 6 to 18 that helps them learn about money

Core tools for kids to earn, save, spend and give — with their own app interface for them to build financial responsibility in a fun, relevant way

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A way to understand what's on their hearts and minds

Beautiful, real-time spending reports and savings goals help you uncover their desires, making financial education both fun and insightful. Perfect for nurturing savvy spenders of tomorrow

Make money easier to manage for them..

Give your kids the independence they crave with their own login, Receiving PayNow ID, account number, Spending card, and Spending PayNow. A simple, holistic approach to financial literacy for the digital age, all in their hands

..and easier for you

Track pocket money, oversee all kids from a single control center, and relax knowing they can spend safely online and in-person across Singapore.

Enjoy peace of mind and hassle-free periodic allowances. Parenting, simplified.

Safety for both parents and kids

Their own Visa Debit cards separates their spending from your own credit card, avoiding surprise bills at the end of the month. Customisable and flexible controls on spending limits and merchants tailor financial freedom suitable to each of your children.

A safe, independent banking journey starts here.

Motivate their achievements around the house

Create in-app tasks and reward your kids for completing them

Teach the value of money by letting kids have their own "hard-earned money"

Kids learn finances by doing

Experiential learning through spending reports, budgeting tools, and upcoming financial lessons teaches responsibility. It's a foundation for meaningful money conversations, guiding kids and teens towards genuine financial literacy and independence.

Save for books, school bag, birthday cake at the same time and let the app do the accounting

"I love how I get to know when and where my son is spending. I want to ensure he has enough money to eat well."

Jenny, mom


First 30 days free,
then just $4.99 each month
A Get Parent Account
With parental controls to guide your children's money habits
A Get Child Account
The most user-friendly e-$ app for your children accessible from their own phone
A contactless Get prepaid Visa prepaid card for your child
Online, in-store, transport, and more
Multiple birds-eye view from Parent Account
Keep track of what your children are spending in real-time
Automated allowance transfer
Weekly allowance on auto-pilot
Set chore and attach reward
Teach the value of money by rewarding tasks completed
Spending control
Set amount limits per transaction or weekly
In-app Human Support
Humans within the app to support you and your child.
First 30 days free, then just $4.99 each month
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First 30 days free,
then just $11.99 each month
Everything in GET CORE
Bite-sized educational lessons on money
Empower financial lessons enriching their core banking experience


First 30 days free,
then just $29.99 each month
Everything in GET MAX
Investing for kids and teens
The ability for them to invest in U.S stock and their own managed funds

Start in 3 steps

MyInfo

Sign in with MyInfo via the Get App

Order your card

Invite your kids and get them to complete their verification.

You're good to go

Start sending money to your kids digitally with ease.

Family account

We're making money work for everyone, so we have different accounts for different needs.

Family Account

Kid Account
Allow kids to independently view and manage their account
under parental guidance
Parent Account
Have oversight of and can help manage Kid Account when needed
Free physical Get prepaid Visa card for kids
Kids have their own card to Visa paywave in-store. Delivered FOC
Multiple birds-eye view
Keep track of what your kids are spending real-time
Automated allowance management
Weekly allowance on auto-pilot
Set tasks along with allowance
Teach the value of money by rewarding chores
Parent-paid interest
Teach savings by adding interest to Savings Folders
Spending control - Amounts
Keep them safe with daily, weekly, online, offline spending limits
Free 14-day trial.
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