Our mission

To improve the financial future of the next generation through education & safe practice
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Why financial literacy is important

It isn’t easy learning how to be good at money. Schools don’t teach you and families don’t always talk about finances. Traditional banks make it even harder to get ahead by charging fees for standard services like checking accounts, ATMs and even spending cards.

Our belief

We’re also firm believers that doing is the best way of learning. This is embodied in our company ethos, our brand, and most importantly, our product.

We’re strongly against telling young people what they should be doing when it comes to money. Instead, we’d rather help kids learn the ropes for themselves (not only because it works, but because it’s fun too: for them and us).

The upshot is that our product gives young people a safe space to learn and occasionally, make mistakes: no debt, no overdrawn accounts, and with the option for parents to jump in and help out if needed.

Ultimately, we want every perosn to graduate from Get with confidence, independence and money sense. We want them to be fully prepared for the digital economy and the rise of a cashless society. And we want them to boldly face adulthood’s later financial pressures, fearlessly navigating some of life’s trickiest waters: their money.

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Work with us

We're always looking for whip sharp new starters for the Get team. If we sound like what you're into, email us at [email protected]

Speak to a human

Existing customers can get help via the app. To contact the company, you may e-mail us at [email protected], during business hours, Monday to Friday.

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