Why Get is right for your teen

The most convenient way to give money to your teen & raise financially-smart kids.

Indonesia's first account & card for teenagers, managed by parents.
A secure account for your child, with no link to your bank account.
Make your child financially responsible through practical experiences.

Created for the modern
Indonesian parent

No more sharing your OTPs

No more lending your cards/payment apps

No more hunting for cash

96% of parents give cash allowance and most do not know what kids are purchasing. GET gives you total oversight and control so you can encourage good spending habits and stop bad once early on.

Automatic recurring allowance

Set recurring allowances to kids’ accounts and help them divide up their money between their Spend and Save accounts.

Send Rp instantly to your kids' accounts anytime, anywhere. No more “no money” emergencies.

Flexible spend controls

Get is the only account that lets you select each store where kids are allowed to spend. If they try to spend where they shouldn’t, we’ll alert you immediately.

Set daily or weekly spend limits and ensure your kids won’t spend too fast

Real-time notification and spend tracking

Get an alert any time the account & card is used, including when it’s declined for any reason. You always know when, where and how much money they’re spending.

See all historic activities in your kids’ Spend, Save and Give accounts

View analytics on weekly & monthly summaries

"I love how I get to know when and where my son is spending. I want to ensure he has enough money to eat well."

Nafisatul, mom

Turn your kids into super saver

From pencil case and dolls now to wedding and house in the future. Help them develop good savings habits for those special moments in life.

Multiple Rp Savings Jars

Set up to 20 real savings folders in the app and track your kids’ progress towards reaching their goals

Save for books, school bag, birthday cake at the same time and let the app do the accounting

"The app overall is good! Loved that I could easily save my money with this app and reaching my savings goal!"

Hacckyy, teen

Start in 3 steps

Step 1

Download the Get app and complete verification.

Step 2

Invite your kids and get them to complete their verification.

Step 3

Start sending money to your kids digitally with ease