Introducing Get's new look!

March 20, 2022

Humanising everyone's relationship with money ✨

Since 2018 when we made Singapore our home base, serving teens and students has been at the heart of GET, and that has taken our growth rapidly serving diverse cultures & ethnicities across the APAC region.

Delivering products that organise money and simplify lives will always be our mission. In doing so, we seek to improve life outcomes for an entire generation, starting from a young age. We've been working hard to create a fresher brand identity that makes us stand out uniquely, and we're excited to show it.

Our mission and tagline


A symbolism of ‘g’ made of two connecting circles, illustrates GET’s emphasis on community and camaraderie.

How we designed our logo


Southeast Asian Mandarin and Marina -- Vibrant, yet grounded. Bold, yet sophisticated. We want Getter to fearlessly embrace the goals and dreams that drive you on.

Brand colour

Following our new brand identity, we're sharing more about our new Personal account - a money account & Visa card made for teens & students providing a better way to spend, save, sort, send your money all in one place. Packed with rewards.

There's a 9k waiting list, but since you're a Getter - Keep your eyes open for upcoming e-mails which include VIP passes to allow you to skip the list! Once you're in we promise to keep serving you by delivering the best new features and improving the overall GET experiences.

We invite you to share your feedback and suggestions to make GET easier and friendlier to pay.

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Daniel Liang