Hong Kong's #1 neobank & Visa Get card for teens

🤩 Open without needing a bank
🧮 Built-in budgets
🤑 Earn $ and rewards
🏺 Save $ in Jars
⚡️ Instantly receive, spend, send $
🧠 Build money skills

Coming soon to Hong Kong.

Open in 60 secs ⚡️

Download the Get App & follow the steps..

Access your virtual card instantly - Add to Google & Apple Pay. Receive your physical Get Card delivered within 2-3 business days to your door step.

No fees. No paperwork. No queues.

Super Card 💯

A rewarding virtual & physical Visa Card.

Spend at your favourite brands online, in-store & even abroad.

Tap for the bus or even MRT for the day-to-day!

No awkwardly asking parents for money or asking to borrow their card every time. Become independent, it's cool.

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👪 Receive allowance & part-time pay!  🎓

A favourite place to money from parents, to be better at managing your money from budgeting, to saving.

Easily receive pay from odd & part-time jobs!

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💸 Payments with Friends 🤑

Pay over messaging apps like Tele, WhatsApp & Instagram.

Split bills amongst friends in 3 simple steps

No personal details. No keeping receipts & mental mathematics

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🌱 Sort & Save your money into Purposes, under one roof

Sort your allowance into savings goals such as an acoustic guitar, that new bike or a friend's birthday gift.

Learn how to budget your money with instant summaries & "left-to-spend" notifications

Save without overspending or losing track of your savings goals.

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Earn money, rewards & badges 🎁 🏆

Earn rewards & points each time you spend with Get.

Earn badges when you complete challenges & mini-courses on how to manage money better.

Understand how money works, no finance or economic degrees needed.

Don’t just take our word for it

Getting Started With Get

How old do I have to be to join Get?
Anyone 15 & up can create a Get account! Under that, you'll need a parent or guardian to sponsor your account.
Do I need to be in Singapore to open my GET account?
You can use your Get Card internationally anywhere VISA is accepted (which is almost everywhere!)

You'll need a mobile phone number issued by a SG mobile phone carrier like Singtel, M1, StarHub etc.
Why do I need a mobile phone number to create my account?
We use your cell phone number to verify your account and make sure that only you can access your money. When you create an account, we'll send an SMS code as verification that your account is linked to the right mobile phone number.Your number must be a mobile phone number issued by a Singapore mobile phone carrier like Singtel, M1, StarHub, etc.
Do you check my credit history?
We don't do a credit check. We'll just need to verify your identity to set up your secure account.
Can I use my Get account immediately after signing up?
Definitely! Once you create a GET account, you can add money to your balance with a debit card or bank account. With a funded account, you're ready to spend before your card even arrives! You can:

- Send and receive money with anyone who downloads the GET app and creates an account
- Add your GET Card to Apple Pay (coming soon) or Google Pay and buy things without the physical card!