Our Story

The origins (2017) 🇦🇺

Get was started in Australia in 2017. Our founder, Daniel Liang, was a freshman borrowing parents' credit card for going out with friends, paying dorm rent, and all student club activities, a very painful admin experience around money management, both personally and for his student club.

A wallet between students & campus clubs was created.

Expanding internationally 🗺

Get grew quickly, and started getting requests from clubs in over countries wanting to use our platform. We updated our service to handle multiple languages & currencies, launching in Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia & Malaysia.

Backed by the world's best 🤝

Get partnered with world class investors such as Vertex Ventures and Click Ventures, the backers of market leaders like Grab, Waze, Spotify, Palantir and many more. Get made Singapore it's APAC headquarters to serve the ASEAN region.

Further expansion 🚀

Get grew even larger in 2019, with dedicated teams set up in Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong and a new market, Indonesia.

Today (2020) & Why we exist

Get is bringing it's potential to fruits, with the pains & unsafe handling of cash, clearer payment regulations to navigate, and better core banking technology, Get extended it's personal account's services.

Today, Get is the no.1 Teen & Student Neobank for the ASEAN region.

The future

Our view of the future

Dealing with money makes sense. It doesn't take a finance degree to work out the best ways to save and the best financial tools to use. Brilliant moments in life take over, without money management work blocking the way.

Our Values